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Ron Kroening, President

Ron Kroening retired from the Oklahoma State Department of Health after 24 years in Disease Prevention. His career focus for the past 20 years has involved education on the importance of immunizations in public health. He has been involved with the Tulsa Area Immunization Coalition since 2009. Ron recognizes the potential of vaccines to protect ourselves and others.

Jeanna Perry-Ford, Vice President

Jeanna Perry-Ford is a graduate of Arkansas Tech Practical Nursing Program. She has worked in obstetrics and pediatrics for more than 30 years. She currently serves as a licensed practical nurse health coordinator for a Head Start Program and has been involved with TAIC since 2015. 

Cathy Boley, Secretary

Cathy Boley graduated from OU College of Nursing. She worked in critical care before beginning her career as a school nurse in Tulsa Public Schools, where she worked for 26 years and saw firsthand the importance of immunizations in public health. She became involved with TAIC in 2017. 

Alice Kirkpatrick, Treasurer

Alice Kirkpatrick is a registered pharmacist and a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. She trains pharmacy students to administer vaccines and advocates for appropriate immunization practices.

Kelly Showalter, Pharm.D., Medical Science Director, Board Member

In her previous role as a medical scientist with GlaxoSmithKline, Kelly Showalter worked with the company’s medical and sales teams to help bring vaccines to market and share information with Oklahoma healthcare providers. She is a licensed pharmacist who continues to work as a public health consultant.

Merlyn Sweet, RN, Board Member

Merlyn Sweet worked as a nurse at OU Children’s Hospital for 19 years. Watching children struggle with pertussis, a vaccine-preventable disease, inspired her to become more involved in immunization advocacy. She has been a supporter of TAIC

since 2005.

Sonia Lerma, Board Member

Sonia Lerma is an administrative supervisor for the Tulsa Health Department. She has advocated for patients in English and Spanish as part of her public health career for more than two decades. Sonia has been part of TAIC since 2018.

Tina Hutchison, Board Member

Tina Hutchison is a program coordinator with Oklahoma Caring Foundation, a non-profit to help Oklahomans access to preventive health services. Tina grows The Caring Van Program by partnering with key health advocates and partners, including local health agencies, public school districts and community shelters. She has been part of TAIC since 2010.

Jennifer Mangum, CMA, Board Member

 As a clinical and community relations manager in the medical field, I have learned immunizations and vaccine education are of utmost importance. Conducting training and presentations to keep medical staff informed and current are both very important, as no one should suffer from a vaccine preventable disease. 

Gloria Thomas, Board Member

Dr. Lora Larson, MD  Medical Director and Board Member

Diana Cochran, Board Member

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